Interior Paint Colour Trends: Summer 2014/2015

When you think of summertime, what interior paint colour comes to your mind? Do you picture yourself in a beautiful paradise filled with cool colours like blues and greens, where you can relax and unwind at any time of day? How about sunny hues bursting with golden yellow tones? Summer is the perfect time of year for interior painting projects because there's an abundance of natural light in the room, which helps in selecting the perfect colour. Painting in summer also means your paint dries faster in a warm room – especially when there’s plenty of air circulation.  

Summer paint colours are refreshing and rejuvenating. With Smart Painters, you have the option of painting each of the rooms in your home with a vibrant colour or simply selecting one room in your home as a ‘summer room’. Our suggestions for this summer are tropical turquoise, lemon yellow and pink coral: these are wonderful paint colour selections for the interior of your home.  

Turquoise –

This magical shade of blue is both eye-popping and soothing. Turquoise evokes a sunny ‘at-the-beach’ atmosphere that radiates peace, calmness and growth. Some of the best accent colours with turquoise are green, brown and purple. This colour looks amazing in bathrooms and living rooms.    

Yellow – 

Bring the summery sun indoors with this vibrant paint colour. Lemon yellow is a happy colour that always brightens a room. This shade of yellow resembles the colour of a perfectly ripe lemon. It’s a vivid, uplifting colour that packs just the right amount of punch in any kitchen, laundry or living room. What's nice about lemon yellow is that even during those chilly winter months, you’ll still be reminded of the hot sun of summer.   

Coral – 

Transport those spectacular sunsets and sunrises into your home with a coral paint colour. With coral, you get the benefits of both a bold red and a fiery orange. Coral is a perfect selection if you love warm, radiant hues, and it can really make a room feel a lot more cosy and cheerful. At Smart Painters, we think coral is a beautiful colour that looks great in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.  

Summer is the ideal time to change the interior look of your home with some vibrant, new colours. Why not contact us today?